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Featured Game: Asteroids by Krakatomato

Play My Code is an online platform for building, playing and distributing browser games. Powered by HTML5, you can build within the browser and embed your games anywhere.

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A Complete, Online Game Creation Toolkit

Integrated Online IDE

Play My Code's bespoke online integrated Development Environment gives you complete control over your game- code, test & debug right in the browser.

Games are written in Quby, a Ruby-like language geared around game creation which is a snap to learn & compiles to blazing-fast JavaScript, compatible with all modern HTML5 browsers.

Built-In Asset Editor

Create and edit graphic assets for your game using SkyBrush, out built-in image editing application. A comprehensive toolset is provided including brushes, shapes, copying & pasting and more.

Or, use your imaging application of choice and upload graphics using our IDE. Full support for music and sound effects is also provided.

Release Your Finished Game

So your game's complete, debugged and polished? Time to release! Play My Code games are fully hosted online and you can be embedded onto a website or blog just like a YouTube video, with no external hosting required.

Games are also available on Play My Code itself, where community members can leave comments and feedback.

Easy to Learn

Play My Code has full & comprehensive documentation, making it a breeze for even complete beginners to learn.

Prototype Rapidly

Your game could be online and playable within an hour of signing up. There's no quicker way of getting game concepts out there.

Need a Hand?

Stuck? You're not alone. Get help and advice while making your game from other users, via our support forums.

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