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June 2011

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Realtime Image Tinting on HTML5 Canvas

Posted: by Joe under Under the Hood

We’ve improved our setColor() API function, so it can now be used to set the colour of images as well as text and primitives. See below for an example: However the HTML5 canvas doesn’t support tinting images out of the … Continue reading


Building A Game From Start To Finish With Play My Code – Part 3

Posted: by Seb under Game Development

And now, the conclusion of our three part tutorial on building a game from scratch using Play My Code. if you’re new to this tutorial, make sure you’ve read part one and part two before you begin. Find a reference … Continue reading

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Sound Support, Editor Improvements and More

Posted: by Joe under Play My Code Announcements

The past few weeks have seen a slew of brand new functionality and improvements on Play My Code. Here’s a summary of all the new features we’ve been rolling out: Sound Support! It’s been a long time coming, but audio … Continue reading

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