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August 2011

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Updates: Game Descriptions and Bug Fixes

Posted: by Seb under Play My Code Announcements

A small yet very important update for you all this week: we’ve finally implemented game descriptions into Play My Code. On your Build page you will notice that the “Rename” button alongside any and all of your games has now … Continue reading

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Building a Game Mainloop in JavaScript

Posted: by Joe under Game Development

HTML5 is being touted as the next technology for browser games, but even common and straight forward parts like a ‘mainloop’ can be difficult to write in JavaScript. This is a thorough explanation of how to go about writing your … Continue reading


Updates: New Server, User Profile Improvements, Transformations and More

Posted: by Seb under Play My Code Announcements

Our latest update is quite possibly our biggest yet, with extensive changes and additions made to both the site structure itself as well as the API. This is also the first post from our fabulous new server! Since this is … Continue reading

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JavaScript Per-Pixel HTML5 Canvas Image Collision Detection

Posted: by Joe under Under the Hood

Recently Play My Code gained per-pixel image collision detection. Here is a small demo of it in action: Like the previous blog post about our image tinting implementation, here’s some behind the scenes information on how we added pixel-perfect collision … Continue reading