Updates: Game Descriptions and Bug Fixes

Posted: by Seb under Play My Code Announcements

A small yet very important update for you all this week: we’ve finally implemented game descriptions into Play My Code. On your Build page you will notice that the “Rename” button alongside any and all of your games has now become “Details”, and in here you can enter a description for your games.

This is important, as you can use this not just to flesh out any plot or background for your game but also to provide instructions, eliminating any risk of the player not understanding how to play and thus potentially increasing the amount of exposure your game will receive- no-one wants to play a game they can’t understand, after all.

So, make sure to log in and get your game descriptions filled out and up-to-date – your play count will thank you for it.

API Changes & Bug Fixes

We made a minor change to the API, adding the ability to enter newlines into text. Entering \n into a text string where you want the newline to be will trigger this. We’ve applied a few bug fixes too – isCircleOverlap now works as advertised, drawRoundedRect now centres like it should and the reset password form has been rebuilt as a couple of bugs stopped it from working properly. Apologies to anyone who might have tried, and failed, to reset their password due to this.

As ever, please do bring any bugs you find to our attention via the forums, the feedback tab on the left side of every page, or @playmycode on Twitter. Meanwhile, it’s back to work for us- we’ve got some big new features in the pipeline. Until next time…

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