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JavaScript Per-Pixel HTML5 Canvas Image Collision Detection

Posted: by Joe under Under the Hood

Recently Play My Code gained per-pixel image collision detection. Here is a small demo of it in action: Like the previous blog post about our image tinting implementation, here’s some behind the scenes information on how we added pixel-perfect collision … Continue reading


Realtime Image Tinting on HTML5 Canvas

Posted: by Joe under Under the Hood

We’ve improved our setColor() API function, so it can now be used to set the colour of images as well as text and primitives. See below for an example: However the HTML5 canvas doesn’t support tinting images out of the … Continue reading


Integrating WordPress Within an Existing Framework

Posted: by Joe under Under the Hood

WordPress is an awesome blogging system. It’s pretty much become the CMS to use, but one of its traits is being very much designed to be deployed as a stand-alone piece of software. To build this blog, we used WordPress … Continue reading

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Simple Yet Effective Javascript Optimisations

Posted: by Joe under Under the Hood

The latest Play My Code update yielded some huge performance increases. These were all pretty minor changes code-wise and yet compilation, loading times and game execution speed has increased by up to 400% in some cases. All of our games … Continue reading